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“Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the trip” with psilocybin therapy advocate Aleja Alchemy

“Where did you get this (in south Utah)?”

“Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the trip

For my 25th episode I was blessed to be joined by the amazing psiolocybin therapy advocate, vegan cannabis chef and entrepreneur Aleja of Aleja Alchemy. In our discussion we learned of Aleja’s journey with cannabis and psilocybin which began in South Utah (of all places). We learned a little bit of what brought her back to the east coast as well as the ways she teaches her students the benefits of psilocybin therapy.

Listeners will hear how passionate Aleja is about the importance of keeping access psilocybin mushrooms barrier-free as well as the need for us all to be intentional in our psilocybin use if we want to see psilocybin acknowledged and legitimized as a self-medication tool.

Aleja works with men and women looking to use psilocybin therapy to help regain perspective and self-confidence. You can find Aleja on INSTAGRAM: @aleja.alchemy


“I had started talking to my ancestors”

“Psilocybin helped me break through a barrier that I never thought would be lifted”

“I’m sick and tired of being disrespected by men of colour when all they want is a hug”

“the main obstacle is being believed and that’s just the plight of the typical Black woman”

“We are sometimes so grateful for the attention and support that we get versus what we need that we don’t speak up for others like we should”

“We just need to recognize that we are magical and amazing and we’re just trying to reach that place where we’re actually just comfortable with it…”

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