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Episode 8 of MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast w/Loud Mouth Brown Girl’s Devon Hall: “Maybe Lemme Try Weed”

“It was easier for them [doctors] to believe a woman is psychotic…”


In this episode I am joined by Devon Hall who is a published author, mental health champion, cannabis advocate and owner of the cannabis-themed clothing line called Loud Mouth Brown Girl. I was previously a guest on her amazing podcast called Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations which I encourage you to check out, either on Spotify or by checking my website:

The Trigger Warning inclusion for this episode is with respect to some of the subject matter we discuss in this episode which include: sexual abuse, memory suppression, PTSD, panic attacks and child-grooming.

I’m grateful for our whole discussion which includes her journey with cannabis use, her struggles with finding mental health support and balance while living in Vancouver BC, and our collective pleasure in finding one another through the Afro Cannada Budsistas movement where we are normalizing cannabis and discussing mental health, wellness and so much more.

Devon Hall can be found on social media at:

IG: @lmbgempire

Twitter: @DevonJHall








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