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“I began to find my power” a conversation with CannaQueen Miz D (Danielle Jackson)

I’m thrilled to be joined by a such a powerhouse pioneer in the Canadian canna-tourism space for our THIRTIETH episode. Miz D is a not only a long time cannabis enthusiast, but she’s been a Vancouver-based cannabis educator, activist and consultant for decades. Having used cannabis since 1977, we learn extensively about the challenges and obstacles she’s faced as a Black woman using cannabis in western Canada in the 70s & 80s.

Our listeners can expect to hear about both the bitter and sweet of Miz D’s cannabis journey. From her early days as a street kid in Vancouver, to hitchhiking across the country, you can just imagine the types of characters, and situations she would encounter in her efforts to secure cannabis during its prohibition. Her past careers include managing casinos on cruise lines, certified hypnotherapist and she’s also a reggae musician.

“I feel the approach is what creates the problem”

Miz D shares with us her thoughts on what Canada did wrong in their federal legalization process and current reality. We also learn of how she entered the cannabis industry in the previously nonexistent canna-tourism market. Miz D is a true pioneer in the medical canna-tourism field and is currently in the Yucatan Mexico.

“Cannabis was a therapeutic tool, whether your intention or not was to use it that way”

While often dubbed the CannaQueen of Canada, Miz D also embraces her role as pioneer of Stoner Chick culture fully. Our discussion really allows the listeners to hear about the importance of embracing the culture of cannabis when using the plant. When a neurological condition caused her to have to leave her career at sea, she began to think about what entrepreneurship looked like. She took things she was passionate about, like holistic wellness and combined it with her love for travel and cannabis.

My kids and grandkids have a different upbringing with cannabis, it’s normal for them”

You can find Miz D and her cannabis tourism company Canna Travel Life on social media at
Instagram @Dvibz
Twitter @Dvibz
Clubhouse @Dvibz
and her website:

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