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“I feel that I’m fluent in duck” a conversation with Bobby Sharma of the Bigg Sharm Show

I can’t even express how much I’m looking forward to sharing my next guest with our Ms. Weedwiki SPEAKS audience, but you’re definitely all in for a treat. For my 29th podcast episode I was joined by the amazing cannabis enthusiast, fitness personal trainer, media personality and host of the Bigg Sharm Show on the Clubhouse App: Bobby Sharma.

It seems only fitting that Bobby’s cannabis journey literally started over 1500 miles away from his Scarborough, Ontario home, on a high school spring break trip in Daytona Beach, Florida. As a long time media personality & talk show host, Bobby is such an interesting guest who’s authentic about his cannabis experiences and growth.

His love of hip hop, NBA basketball and passion for adventure and learning makes both talking and listening to him, tremendous fun. Some examples of where our topics included WHO he would smoke with if he had the chance.

One of my favourite discoveries in our episode was learning how Bobby wakes & bakes each morning by a local neighborhood pond with an amazing smoke buddy, a duck.

Bobby Sharma can be found on Clubhouse, in the Big Sharm Show Club which features the popular Big Sharm Show’s Weed Wednesdays on Wednesday nights at 10pm. On this show you’ll hear all kinds of crazy cool things – so make sure to check it out!

Bobby can also be found on IG @thebiggsharmshow

Some notable quotes:

“I thank Snoop Dogg for my cannabis journey”

“I’ve been a pot guy since the 90s”

“Is this the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of weed? What is GOING ON”

“Government will do what they do, but I hate say it they are reactionary”

“I’m a doob smoker but I’m very particular about my papers”

“You’ll make a couple of things that look like fishes” (about rolling joints)

“I feel that I’m fluent in duck”

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