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“I kept my eye on the prize of learning” discussing medical cannabis education with Stacy Bobak

For this episode I was thrilled to be joined by one of my colleagues, certified cannabis educator, patient advocate and founding member of the Peoples Alliance of Cannabis in Canada (PACC) and EduCanNation Stacy Bobak. Together we discussed her with medical cannabis, the founding of her cannabis education company called CannaDent and why she’s just as passionate about the cannabis plant as she is about oral health.

Early on in the podcast the listener learns of the impacts of the negative stigmas associated on a patient’s ability to access quality or any real medical cannabis education. We also learned about the important work she’s doing both in her own business, as well as her work with both EduCanNation and PACC.

Some ways and things we can do to reverse the stigma about cannabis with healthcare professionals are:

  1. Talk about your medical cannabis use with your all your health providers. I know you may draw an awkward reaction from your health care provider however this informs your practitioner of your usage and will prompt them to have to learn more about to stay informed on how to support your care.
  2. Ask your doctor to learn more about the endocannabinoid system and how it works with cannabinoids in cannabis, even better if you do some research on your own and tell them about it.
  3. Push our provincial government, particularly the ministry of health to cover the cost of cannabis educator visits through provincial health insurance plans.

You can find Stacy Bobak on social media at and on Facebook through the EduCanNation Facebook group

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QUOTES from our episode:

“I had this idea of consuming cannabis to help as a sort of another layer”

“I still wasn’t able to find the amount of education I was looking for”

“I finally got my answers about the endocannabinoid system, about what to dose”

“Rooted in that life of not being able to talk about cannabis”

“Once they understand that we have this system in our body, that it is science…”

“I’m fighting the fight for myself”

“If you want to wait and say ten years down the road wow Stacy was right, well then I’ll wait for you, and that’s fine”

“There are a lot of people who just don’t know the basics. It’s a plant that has research behind it at one time or another”

“It made sense to combine my passion for cannabis with my passion for oral health”

“’You’re too early Stacy,’ Well no, the science is there, let me speak about it”

“We’ll all know about the endocannabinoid system (in 5 years) as a mandatory part of healthcare learning”

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