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“If history has shown us anything…” discussing cannabis prohibition & much more with Tiffany Watkins

“There is more work to be done when it comes to this beautiful plant”

I couldn’t be more excited to share my next guest with our audience & listenership for our TWENTIETH EPISODE {applause applause}. Tiffany Watkins is the founder of Vanguard Media Online, a magazine & event company that celebrates the achievements of women in cannabis.

The Vancouver Washington based media maven shares with us her early journey with cannabis, her long time history of cannabis activism and advocacy and her passion for uplifting women in cannabis space.

I loved talking with Tiffany about the wrongs that need correcting with cannabis amnesty and robust social equity programs or policies wherever cannabis is legalized. Preferably from the start of the adult use legalization process.

“Let’s not open a AU (adult use) state without understanding that a social equity format, program, whatever you want to call it, needs to be in place”

This and so many other great takeaways can be found to think about and even get behind. If our discussion encourages you to look into what social equity programs look like in your particular jurisdiction, even better!

“Be knowledgeable about why social equity needs to exist”

“Vanguard stands as a movement to push women forward for us to be listened to.”

“We need to solidify that we’re serving the proper interests”

Our audience also was introduced to Vanguard Media’s upcoming 710 Event. For those who want to know what 710 stands for you’ll need to listen t our episode together to find out, or check out Vanguard Media Online for their 710 Event details happening this summer.

You can find Tiffany Watkins on social media:

IG: vanguard_media_online

FB: @Vanguardmediaonline

Twitter: @vanguardmedia

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