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“It’s about time because EVERYBODY smokes weed” discussing multigenerational cannabis with Mr. Burgz

Have you ever asked yourself how long it would take you to smoke an entire ounce of weed? When asked, my next guest said he could smoke an ounce in 4 days. For our 24th episode I’m joined by one of my oldest longtime friends, Jason Mr. Burgz Fraser. We’ve known each other since ninth grade, and our dads grew up together too!

Listeners will learn about Jason’s file-long relationship with cannabis which actually spans generations. A multi-generational Black Canadian with deep roots throughout Nova Scotia, Jason grew up around cannabis seeing his dad, and uncles smoking together in the front room. We talked about his excitement at achieving the family milestone of getting to smoke cannabis with the ‘adults’ once he turned 18 years old. That family tradition has passed on to his own children.

Now Jason is cohost of a new podcast debuting this month called Gas Station Montreal where he and his cohost have every kind of conversation while using cannabis.

You can find Jason on social media at:

IG: @shambz_aka_mrBurgz AND @the_gas_station_mtl

*We apologize for the less optimal audio quality of this recording. We are doing our very best and will try to have this episode re-mixed in the near future.

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