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“It’s not that I don’t care BUT I DON’T CARE” a conversation with entrepreneur Natalie Sophia

About succeeding in the Canadian cannabis space on her own terms.

I was fortunate to be able to connect with my fellow Afro Cannada Budsista and cannabis biz Nattily Attired Skincare’s owner Natalie Sophia for my fifteenth episode of the MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast. We discussed her journey into the Canadian cannabis industry and the challenges she faces like reversing the negative stigmas, and dealing with unfair bans & censorship from US social media giants like Facebook & Instagram.

Natalie described for us the key partnerships she made with industry members like Mrs Fudgmaker & Masterchef Canada’s Danny Raposo (The Stoner Chef) and how her work with the Wellness Cooks really inspires her to push her business further and level-up. We also learned about her newly updated product catalogue and what makes her bestsellers like the Pain B Gone Balm & her bath bombs resonate with her clients.

We hope you’ll enjoy our episode together AND if inspired, take look and sign the anti-Facebook Censorship petition (found below) being circulated by the Peoples Alliance of Cannabis in Canada (PACC). Together we can work to push back against unfair censorship targeting cannabis advocates, educators and business owners who are running federally legal and legitimate Canadian businesses.

Natalie Sophia can be found on social media at

Nattily Attired Body Polish on Facebook


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The STOP FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP Petition can be found here:

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