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MsWeedWiki Quickie – Cannabis Tip #5

MsWeedWiki Quickie is a quick cannabis related educational tutorial video. In this Tip#5, MsWeedWiki is unboxing a brand new PAX Era Pro Smart Vaporizer. This device is used similarly to a 510 cartridge battery previously demonstrated on our website. The difference is that just as 510 vape cartridges are only compatible with 510 batteries, the PAX Era vaporizer only works with PAX Era pods.

The Canadian licensed producers currently producing pods are:




Edison (pictured in video attached)

Aurora Drift

48 North


I had always been intrigued by the entirely different cultivars available on the Shoppers Drugmart Medical Cannabis website as compared to the Ontario Cannabis Store website however it wasn’t until I committed to primarily purchasing my medical cannabis via vape cartridges that I started noticing that there were more PAX cultivar choices appealing to me than 510 cartridges. Still I resisted until two days ago when I finally down and took a peek at the cannabis accessories page. I was mildly surprised to see that a PAX Era device was under $50 so I pulled the trigger and pressed ADD TO CART. I also purchased 2 pods:

Edison Cannabis’ La Strada – a sativa with 783mg/g THC total 1.70mg/g CBD total

Namaste’s D. Bubba – presumably the well known Death Bubba strain rebranded – an indica with 786mg/g THC total 3mg/g CBD total

My initial thoughts on the end user experience of the PAX Era is that it’s a remarkably easy device to start. I qualify this by the speed of which I was able to fuse this device intuitively without first reading instructions because fuck it, I’m lazy. This lightweight device was ready to go a after completing it’s charge via the USB cord included and I managed to figure out how to insert the pod. While I was at first suspicious that I could have put it together so easily without feeling like I had to exert physical pressure somewhere or use manual dexterity to pry this or twist that, THIS is a ringing endorsement of the vaporizer in and of itself. For example, if you are a medical patient that suffers from grip strength are knuckle/joint issues, then the PAX Era is far easier to use than the traditional 510 battery vape without even trying. Or, maybe that was their point…

As you can see in my attached video, you simply slip the pod in the slot, inhale and voila …cannabis clouds

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