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MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast Episode 12: “I wanna heal myself with cannabis” a convo with Ras Cottreezy

I don’t think I anticipated the impact of my next guest’s voice on our podcast episode together: Episode 12: “I wanna heal myself with cannabis” an authentic conversation about pro sports & cannabis with Ras Cottreezy however with a voice as velvet as his it is no wonder he’s also a hip hop artist in addition to being a cannabis entrepreneur and activist.

Listeners should expect to be engaged almost immediately once they hear the cannabis journey of the former NFL player known as TJ Cottrell. I found his commentary powerful as he described a culture of ownership in the NFL professional sports environment with rather hypocritical views based on historically inaccurate or outdated information and a willingness to subvert any of the available cannabis education that their players could benefit from in the name of materialism and a legacy of powerful sponsorship alliances with beer & alcohol producers as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Ras Cottreezy was a fascinating guest who provided us deep insights from his career in professional football as well as his life travels including stints living in cities like Montreal, Rochester NY, as well as his deep ties to our brothers and sisters in the indigenous communities of North America. His commitment to cannabis social equity and cannabis amnesty permeates our discussion and will leave you wanting to know more concerning the projects and organizations he’s passionate about such as the Buffalo Soldier Rastafari Coalition.

Some great soundbytes and takeaways resulted from our discussion such as (and I paraphrase):

“they were pushing Ibuprophen & Tylenol like skittles”

“I didn’t like the feeling” (as described when discussing painkillers after his fractured ankle incurred while playing professional sports)

“I found CBD like Charlottes Web helpful”

“If cannabis was legal a lot of these guys wouldn’t have gotten DUI’s for one”

“If I was allowed to sit here and smoke I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d just play football and smoke”

I’m particularly proud of our discussions regarding how the ability to use medical cannabis would have extended the careers of so many football players and would have offered a valuable harm reduction tool to help them manage their mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression off the field better. We also highlighted the hypocrisy of the NFL refusing to entertain medical cannabis while promoting alcohol and pharmaceutical products freely (often in areas where children are present or can see these ads), both of which have a history of significant harm to communities, just ask MADD. (But maybe not ask MADD about cannabis education because that’s not their strong point either)

I really hope you’ll enjoy this brand new episode of the MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast as much as I did. I highly recommend you follow Ras Cottreezy on Instagram at @cottreezy and @rastafari_coalition. Please be sure to also keep your eyes and ears out for the release of his newest single “Selassie Souljah” coming soon via the Buffalo Soldier Rastafari Coalition’s online platform.

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