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“Quebec is PETTY” Brand new MsWW SPEAKS Podcast episode 10 with Wizzy Moonchaser drops today!

This episode features the first Montreal urban radio show host to feature 8 weeks of giveaways on community radio Wizzy Moonchaser. I first met Wizzy when I was a guest on his 85th episode of the Running With Wolves podcast. (You can check that episode out at

In this episode I’m interviewing Wizzy (for a refreshing change) as he shares his cannabis journey, his plans & goals for Running With Wolves podcast in 2021 as well as his opinions on the legal cannabis retail infrastructure in Quebec. It probably only took a matter of minutes for me to end up scratching my head over the information collection practices & prices of the SQDC. While it is possible that Quebec had some plans for cannabis legalization & retailer framework, the execution of same remains lacking. The SQDC has yet to live up to its hopes of being “the Walmart of cannabis” in Quebec and long lineups outside of dispensaries are still a thing.

We also discussed the really important stuff, like Wizzy’s favorite cultivars/strains, his favorite munchies (this MAY surprise you) and how he would love to be buried with an endless supply of Fanta or Hawaiian Punch – THC-infused I presume of course, to stay #onbrand.
Wizzy Moonchaser can be found on social media platforms at:
IG: @wmoonchaser
YouTube: Running With Wolves (its own channel)

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