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“That’s your healing is calling” discussing multi-generational cannabis use with Nikki Rouse

For our 28th episode we were joined by Nikki Rouse, not only a fellow Budsista, but also a photographer, cannabis patient and doula-in-training. She’s also a mentor/facilitator of the all-women online community called The Porch. During our discussion we learned about Nikki’s journey in cannabis which started as a sort of family undertaking when her son first approached her as a teenager about his cannabis use while self-medicating for anxiety. Those early discussions led to deciding as a family to pursue obtaining their medical cannabis cards and Niki describes the family affair of collectively going to their scheduled clinic appointments.

While getting medical cards for three generations of family members was a somewhat easy decision to come to, obtaining them brought along its own challenges. For example, when Nikki’s mom became a medical cannabis patient, her healthcare providers elected to reduce her chronic pain medications without consulting her or providing alternative options.

Listeners will also learn about Nikki’s work in photography and her passion for learning about becoming a birth and transition doula and her amazing plans to integrate the two.


“Personally for me it was a re-education”

“As a young Black man, I didn’t want him getting weed from anyone and having interactions with police. I did not want that for him”

“It became a family healing journey”

“We’re rationalizing something that isn’t normal, racial trauma”

“The doctors were like ‘if you don’t like you can find another doctor’”

“Cannabis makes you re-prioritize time”

“If it draws you to it, that’s your healing calling”

You can find Nikki Rouse on Instagram @sitbreathesip and on the website

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