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“The Fun Thing About Being a Drug Dealer” with Master of Marijuana Chantel Phillpotts

“It was love at first puff” was heard from my newest guest Chantel Phillpotts when asked about how her journey into cannabis started. Chantel’s passion for cannabis is so unmistakable that by the end of the 45 minute discussion you’ll have zero doubts as to why she IS the Master of Marijuana.

While our discussion begins with her initial love for cannabis, you may be struck as I was by her vulnerability and strength in sharing how she struggled to overcome an unhealthy addiction to mixing tobacco with cannabis. Chantel’s extensive research (both professional and experiential) has helped her to become not only an amazing budtender but a true educator and retail professional on the cannabis plant and its properties. Listeners can expect to come away from this episode with a deeper knowledge of cannabis, terpene profiles, what she likes about the licensed producers she praises as well as the type of value she brings to her retail customers, and some of the brands she loves.

Some of the amazing notable “quotables” from our episode were:

“Hamilton has the most passionate people in the cannabis community”

“Terpene profiles change according to the environment it’s grown in” (and LP’s don’t seem to want consumers to know that)

“THC is the range but experience depends on the terpene profile”

“Wanna know what that fire is? it’s that spice in the beta carophyllene”

Chantel Phillpotts can be found on social media at

INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT & YouTube: @masterofmarijuana

And at her website:

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12:56 Debunking indica / sativa myths

15:13 How do you feel about terpenes on the packaging

16:50 Terpenes are described: myrcene, pinene, linalool, “Wanna know what that fire is? It’s that spice in beta caryophyllene

18:40 Terpene profiles change based on the environment it’s grown in (LP’s don’t want you to know that)

20:44 Not all budtenders are extremely educated on what they are doing

22:05 Too much licensed producers, too many dispensaries saturating the market and all of them selling the same thing

24:30 Needs to be better quality control (a discussion about product degradation)

26:17 One I’ll always shout out is Simply Bare Organics

27:40 When budtenders don’t consume cannabis themselves…

33:02 Cannabis basically saved Hamilton in a way

34:00 Budtender vs. Cannista which do you prefer to be called?

36:00 BizStart Program

37:00 I wanna help the journey of the consumers…

38:10 Protecting the youth: youth age 16-24 cannabis consumption has now doubled “Help youth be educated & not forgotten

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