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The Upside of My Tire Blowout

My tire blew today while I was breezing along on the highway. I was headed to a two-hour lab I was really looking forward to. At the time I was pondering what I was going to order from the coffee shop because I was thirsty. That’s as simple as life was at the moment. Suddenly, my car began to violently shake, and shake, and SHAKE. I was very lucky to make it safely off the highway just a few minutes from my uncle’s house. I called my husband, who dispatched a tow truck and I called my uncle, who arrived with the truck. I haven’t seen my uncle in months. I’m still trying to think exactly how long it’s been. Summer? Spring? Last year?

The tow truck driver was a jovial guy; very friendly and reassuring. His take, and my uncle and I agreed, was that I was turned around on the highway today. I’m not a religious person but I am extremely spiritual. Yes, I’m THAT cliche. And I believe, that for whatever reason, I got turned around and ended up back at home. I’ll probably never know. But I’ll accept it at that. I did, however, get to spend a few moments with my uncle; being five years apart he’s like my older brother. And that was very nice.

I have a really hard time focusing on the upside in situations. The past year has forced me to stop and look at the upsides in seemingly negative situations. The upside in today’s situation? I safely made it out of the passing lane in the express and managed to get off the highway. That’s upside enough for me. And I got to share a coffee with my uncle. Sure, I missed my class, and my tire is torn to shreds, but I made it safely home.


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