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Afro Cannada Budsistas

Est. 03.2020

Welcome to My Garden Oasis

The Covid-19 pandemic has us all searching for ways to make our living environment as comfortable as possible. With frequent lockdowns and curfews becoming the norm it got me thinking of ways to upgrade my garden again. I knew heading into last summer that my large family of seven would be less likely to go stir crazy if I prepared our home for quarantine. By early spring I decided I would transform my boring back yard into a garden space we would be happy living in for the duration of the summer. Here’s a bit of what I did last summer:

I ordered a zippered gazebo with both mesh and solid curtains. The mesh keeps the bugs out; the solid curtains provide sun and wind protection.

I hung solar powered string lights and paper lanterns throughout my backyard. When the sun went away my twinkling fairy lights came on. I also added candle holders and lots of ashtrays to my zen tent. It was the perfect spot to sesh in the evening.

I updated my boring patio cushions with bright bold prints and a tropical vibe. I was lucky one day to be given a hibiscus plant as a store was about to toss it. The manager told me it was dead; I told her it was not. I was right. I put it on my patio and it bloomed until the end of the season.

I built a raised garden bed with my children and started an organic vegetable garden. I wasn’t planning to get in shape and tone up, but it was a very pleasant side-effect of gardening.

I placed flowers everywhere! In pots, in between my vegetable garden, and in hanging baskets; both to add a bit more pop but more importantly to increase pollination.

Having a garden in my backyard gave me a reason to be outside every day. I loved watching everything grow and it was something I looked forward to each day.

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