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“You gotta get in where you fit in” the transition from legacy to legal weed with Shooks Dynamo

For our 31st episode I was joined by the amazingly charismatic Shaka Wright aka Shooks Dynamo. Shooks is a self-professed ganja baby who comes from a long line of cannabis dealers in Jamaica. Growing up around weed meant he had a very normalized view of cannabis which has followed him throughout life.

“Half of my crew got their names off of something that happened when we were high”

In this discussion we learned about Shooks’ early days of distributing cannabis and you might be surprised to hear how vividly he remembers the very first time he got high. Having grown up watching his dad and uncles running cannabis, Shooks described the time police came to arrest his dad for dealing and the impact it made on his life thereafter.

“I saw how convictions changed a lot of peoples’ lives”

When legalization arrived, he knew he had to get into the cannabis game however the Canadian emerging industry didn’t make it easy. He applied literally everywhere and started to question his value until a glance in his junk folder changed things for the better.

“I wanna see these big players, I wanna see everybody get their returns and get out the way so that we can see the real growers”

“I wanna bring pride back into growing”

Today Shooks works for an LP promoting several different brands throughout Ontario’s cannabis retailers. He also does brand consulting and marketing promotion on the side. You can find Shooks and his company Shooks Dynamo Marketing on Instagram at @shooksdynamo and @ganjababy.420

“I used to be so discreet. Now? I’m boasty as shit, you could smell YOU COULD TELL”

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